My Apostolic Church District comprises two Church Fellowships. These Fellowships/Assemblies are found in the Afan and Llynfi Valley's.  The Afan Valley is in West Glamorgan and the Llynfi Valley in Mid Glamorgan.
The Church in the Afan Valley is Gilgal at Cymmer, Shiloh is at Llangynwyd and located in the Llynfi Valley.

We have a District Pastor over the two Churches and further down the Llynfi valley in Bridgend we have a sister Apostolic Church named the Brackla Tabernacle.

Each assembly is a  Pentecostal, Evangelical Church committed to the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Origins of Gilgal and Shiloh from living Memory.

Extracts from a planned book on the Maesteg District of  the Apostolic Church UK by Pastor A.J. Jones

"The Pentecostral Churches in the  Afan Valley started differently. Two young men went up to Sunderland where they heard of miracles of healing and many conversions in 1906 and came back transformed in their expercience. They both shared their experiences with other Christians and soon two new Penecostal  Churches were formed, one in  Cwmafan and the other in the village of Nant-Y-Bar. One of the men who attended a Methodist Chapel shared his experience with those who wrshipped there and a new Penecostal Church was born.

The village of Nany-Y-Bar no longer exits but the believers have passed on the Pentecostal Vision. In the Cymmer area the Church continued in house meetings in Abercregan after the village of Nant-Y-Bar was abandoned. The author of this article has in his possession a Bible which was presented to a Mrs Oakey on her leaving the Abercregan fellowship in 1910 for Maesteg, it has on it the names of some of the members who signed it. The lady was either my Grandmother or her sister-in-law from the South of England. This records puts the Apostolic Church in Cymmer among the early Pentecostal Churches in Wales. I do not know when they moved into the present building where we worship, or when they linked up with the Pen-Y-Groes Apostolic Churches, but the fellowship is still functioning and it is where my wife and I now worship." Written by A J jones 2022

"As a direct result of the 1904 revival the Apostolic Church came into being. Groups of people in Wales, having experienced the Pentecostal blessing of being baptised in the Spirit came together. Directed by god other groups from England, Scotaldn and Ireland joined toghether forming not only the Apostolic Church but also Elim Pentecostal and Assemblies of God Churches.
Shiloh Apostolic Church in Llangynwyd was formed through the moving of Mr D. Matthews from the Garw to Llangynwyd. He joined together with other Christians from Coytrahen and Cwmfelin to hold meetings in the school in Llan. During 1935+1936 the rent became too expensive so they started holding services in the home of Mr D. Matthews at No. 33 Llan Road.
The desire of the congregation was to build their own Church, so with the help of Mr Matthews who loaned them the money to start, the building was erected on the present site. It was completed in 1937 and was officially  opened by Mr W. Gronow on the 27th August. The original building was constructed of zinc sheet and timber and remained in use until 1985 when a brick frontage was added. This was build with the help of a Community Training Program.
 It was evident that the original construction would not last us much longer and so in 1990 plans were made to rebuild. Much prayer was made and funds collected, and on June 10th 1995 our present building was opened by the oldest member Mrs Dorothy Jones. Since opening a successful 'Over 60's' service once a month was started.
We give thanks to God for His blessing over the past years, for the way He has blessed our endeavour to present the Gospel in Llangynwyd and surrounding areas. The Good News of Jesus is for all ages and as a Church we share this every week in the various services we hold each week."
Written by Pastor A J Jones.

From the Apostolic Church UK Website:

The Apostolic Church, United Kingdom

First formed in 1916 as a result of the 1904 Welsh revival, the Apostolic Church is a Trinitarian, Pentecostal Movement with a strong commitment to mission. We have established Apostolic movements in over 90 countries, many of whom are self-governing.

Within the UK the Apostolic Church is represented by approximately 90 churches.