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Waterfront Community Church

About us

Our church believes passionately in our vision of `reaching people and touching lives`, and is committed to reaching out and meeting the many needs of the community, and transforming lives by offering a place where people can enter into and develop a relationship with Jesus.

We believe in love, forgiveness, and second chances. We come together to worship Jesus, encourage each other, and try to live our lives patterned after his. Our worship includes a mixture of traditional hymns and modern songs with a style of music which is contemporary and teaching from the bible which is applicable to daily life.
Our aim as a Bible centred church is to be a community where:
  • Jesus is the centre of all that we are and do
  • The Holy Spirit has freedom to operate
  • A safe place to be and enjoy each other’s company
  • Everyone can feel a sense of belonging and contribute
  • There is confidence in who we are and where we are going
  • We stand for justice and mercy
We believe that God brings individuals together in his local church and that he has a purpose for us all.